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Our answers to your important questions


What is immersive theatre ?

It is a play in which the spectators mingle with the performance by freely evolving within the sets and characters. The “fourth wall” that usually separates the stage from the audience no longer exists: the spectator becomes an actor and chooses to apprehend his own experience. He can decide to follow any character, to linger to soak up the scenery and be guided by the progress of the story.

Is there a dress code ?

You can prepare like you wish to for the event however Carla and Charles encourage you to dress in your best clothes. Comfortable shoes are recommended. And for our special guest, Covid-19, we ask you to come with your best mask.

Are the spectators required to play a part ?

You are the guests of Carla and Charles at their engagement, so the spectators are an integral part of the play. They can at times interact with the characters but they are not obliged to participate and can stay behind if they wish.

Is there a cloakroom where I can leave my things?

The house staff of the Saint-Vincent family is happy to take care of your belongings so that you have the best time possible.

Is being late allowed ?

Our departure from Paris occurs at a very precise time and because this experience is above all a collective one, delays are not tolerated.

How long is the whole experience ?

It all depends on the formula chosen.

For the “Garden Party” formula, the duration of the experience is estimated at 5h (from the starting point of Paris to the return).

For the formula "Exceptional dinner" the duration of the experience is estimated at 6:00 (from the starting point of Paris to the return).

Pourrais-je utiliser mon téléphone ?

As to respect the privacy of the moment, Carla and Charles kindly ask to leave your phones at the entrance. Don’t worry, they are well looked after the time of the experiment and will be given back to you  at the end of the show. Any capture by photography, video or audio recording is prohibited.


Why do we offer different formulas ?

Everyone is free to live the experience at their own pace that is why we offer 2 formulas so that you can choose the most convenient for you.

Can we exchange our tickets or get a refund ?

No, as stated in our GTC, tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

Do I have to present my health pass ?

Yes, it is mandatory to present your health pass at the entrance of the bus. In this case, a negative PCR test (72h) or antigen test (48h) will be required.

Can I be refunded my ticket if I have Covid  ?

No, as stated in our GTC, tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

However, if the health restrictions prevent the event from taking place, the spectator will be reimbursed in full.

What are the service charges added to the ticket price ?

The added service fee (2.5% of the ticket price) corresponds to the cost of the ticket service.


Is it allowed to eat during the show ?

Meals are served after the performance, it is not possible to eat during the experience.

What are the arrangements for group meals during covid?

Each group will be assigned a table so that the distance between each group of people attending the same representation is respected.

Is there a choice menu ?

The menu is unique but rest assured that Carla and Charles will have chosen the best dishes for your taste buds' delight.

I have a special diet, how does it work ? ?

If you are allergic to certain foods or are vegetarian or vegan, please let us know beforehand at so we can anticipate this.

Is it possible to buy a ticket for the performance without the meal ?

Carla and Charles are more than delighted to be able to share an intimate moment around a good meal with you, the ticket for the performance is therefore not dissociable from the meal.


Is the experience translated into English or another language ?

Last Engagement was conceived in the language of Molière but Charles will be delighted to translate into English when he can.

Is the experience suitable for people with disabilities ?

Unfortunately the room taking place in a castle on several floors only the re-ground will be accessible to them.

In addition, the departure is by bus, thank you to inform us upstream of the needs that we must anticipate in this sense.

 Is the play suitable for pregnant women ? 

Of course, we will take great care of you and Carla looks forward to discussing maternity with one of you.

What is the age limit to attend the experience ?

The experience is open to all spectators from 12 years old.

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