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Looking for Axel Lidenbrock


The first immersive theatre play 150 meters below earth surface  


Crumble Production is proud to announce its brand new immersive production JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH, Looking for Axel Lidenbrock, an immersive theatre play, freely inspired by Jules Verne’s  famous novel and scheduled to take place at the Gouffre de Padirac in may 2024. This immersive play involves more than 14 actors and extras all evolving on location, in a fantasy-like setting. 

In 1864, Jules Verne published his famous adventure novel, Journey to The Centre of the Earth. To celebrate the 160th anniversary of its publication, how about you take a dive into the world of the book through a unique immersive play ? 


It is the spring of 1899, and you are kindly invited to The Gouffre de Padirac’s  inauguration night. Edouard-Alfred Martel, a pioneer in the exploration of this major geological curiosity, is pleased to give a preview of the famous «Trou du diable» in the Dordogne valley to a select few. For the occasion, a small number of selected guests were invited to the celebration including the illustrious novelist Jules Verne and the actress Sarah Bernhardt.

But as the party is in full swing, a young woman, in panic, bursts in. It’s Elizabeth, explaining that her fiancé, Axel Lidenbrock, went down into the pit alone and disappeared, kidnapped by a winged monster.

Visitors will then go on a real manhunt and descend to the centre of the Earth in order to find  the missing Axel.

Throughout their journey, visitors will meet our protagonists. Together they will discover the bowels of the Earth and be transported back to the fabulous universe of Jules Verne, helping to solve the mystery of Axel Lidenbrock’s disappearance.


- 2 Exceptional dates : Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of May 2024.

- Show departures at 20:30 and 21:00

- Welcome cocktail

- Duration of the experience : about 2 hours.

- Age 10 and older

- Tickets : 95 €

- Recommended clothing : a warm and comfortable outfit and closed shoes.

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