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'I take the decision to follow Carla, the fiancée, who seems angry with Charles. She storms into her room, begins to undress, without a glance for the public, yet numerous, a real feat in my eyes as a neophyte. As spectators, we look at each other, almost embarrassed, should we stay, should we go out politely? Later, a dispute breaks out between Carla and Charles, truer than nature. It’s a theatrical moment that will stay with me for a long time. The anger seems so real. And it’s fantastic to see the actors argue a few inches from where I stand. To see so clearly the fury running through their faces, the hatred burning through their eyes. To get to experience such intimate scenes .'

Account from Nous Fomo, 2021


Last engagement, The experience is much more than a simple theatre production. Halfway between a play and a life-size Cluedo, it includes a gourmet meal and the visit to an unforgettable castle  !




Charles and Carla are delighted to share their engagement with you.

For the occasion, you are invited to come and celebrate with them this happy event which takes place in the family property, in the presence of the members of the Saint-Vincent family.

A cocktail followed by a banquet are served by the house staff.

But as the party is in full swing, a mysterious incident upsets the festivities. Suddenly, the atmosphere freezes, time freezes and we go back in time before your eyes.


It's up to you to to discover what happened…


You now have 60 minutes to trace back the events by attending the different scenes of the different rooms of the castle… the more participants you are, the more chance you have to discover everything and put together what really happened!


Immerse yourself in the surroundings. Here, there is no stage, you are free to go wherever you want in order to follow and listen to the secrets of your hosts. 


Once the mystery is solved, enjoy a brunch or a gourmet dinner, according to your formula.

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'The Final Engagement is much more than just an immersive play. It is full-sized, the show revisits a Cluedo game by mixing theatre and investigation. So, in a mansion in the countryside near Paris, you witness a story behind closed doors and must discover the secrets of a not so ordinary family.'

Sortir à Paris


'In the span of an hour, everything is permitted : shadowing the actors, storming the castle's rooms from top to bottom in search of clues – in an extremely refined setting – or to stroll in the corridors while waiting for inspiration.'

Les inrockuptibles


'The Final Engagement is a must-see. Theatre, investigation, intrigue, improvisation, disconnection from reality, a beautiful and mysterious castle, theatre larger than life, enthusiastic actors, entirely devoted to the experience. In short, YOU MUST GO AND SEE IT!'


Brain magazine

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The castle’s location is kept secret until last minute. 

A dedicated bus for the event will take you from Paris to the castle in 30 minutes. The same goes for the return. 

All information will be received by email. 

This event is no longer scheduled. Do not hesitate to join our waiting list to keep you informed of upcoming performances.


'Excellent immersive play : This experience will stay with me for a long time! If you’ve heard of Sleep No More and the Atlantic crossing prevents you from attending, you’ve found the European counterpart !! A must see (if tickets are still available...)'

Eliott Siegler

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'Amazing immersive theatre play. Everything is beautifully thought out from A. to Z. Between the transport, the play, and the beautiful dinner, I had  an amazing time.'

Cassandra Avenard

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